You may have already made sure some of your foods are organic. Consuming raw, all natural and purely grown foods straight from mother earth has an effect so much more nourishing than chemically infested product, sprayed or manipulated for the sake of shelf life and preservation. Well, wine is just like any other food if you think about it, they are bottles of fermented grapes. Large commercial wineries routinely spray pesticides and use genetically modified grapes to increase yield consistency. The same trends in organic food are now progressing into the world of wine.

A lot goes into the process of wine making. Climate, soil, moisture levels in the air, and the environment for which the specific grape strain is proliferated, all play a part in the outcome of a wine. There is the factor of how mature the plants are- younger fruits are less developed in profile and character. It takes some time to ferment the grapes, then they age in oak, French or American.

Or they store them in stainless steel containers, so no flavors other than the grapes and fermenting cultures themselves can attend the party. The wine sometimes sits in the bottle after all that for an additionally long time, just to impart an extra, extra sophistication in flavor thanks to oxidation. Wine is complex, and it is silly to throw the beauty of all that complexity away by pumping chemicals into it.

The purpose of this list is to help you learn about some organic wines that can get you on track for a healthier lifestyle, affordably, without losing the quality to wine that you know and love.

Next party you go to, you can be excited about what your drinking or even gifting to others by bringing a bottle of organic and sustainability supporting, delicious, decadent wine.

Through this review, you’ll get the knowledge of 10 different organic wines and what makes them so special.

What is Organic Wine?

Organic wine is the traditional wine everyone is accustomed to drinking but instead simply curated by vineyards using all organic grapes and farming techniques. No use of preservatives, herbicides, fungicides, additives or chemical dyes, just pure grapes, as nature intended, brought together to build pure wine.

What’s So Gre​at About Organic?

Organic wine keeps toxic chemicals out of your body. Herbicides, pesticides and other chemical fertilizers do more than just damage your body; they also run off the lands, streams, and oceans where fish and other species of life are contaminated. Organic wine brings us back in-tune with nature and a sustainable lifestyle for yourself and the planet. Both deserve the friendly gesture.

What Does Certified Organic Mean?

They label organic wines with stamps of approval from sustainability programs. The most common stamp would be USDA ORGANIC, from the USDA National Organic Program. There are others, depending on where you are regionally, but basically, these sustainability programs regulate agriculture (in this case the farming for grapes). The programs have our personal and planetary health in good regard, so a stamp of approval means a lot.

Where Can You Buy It?

You can find Organic Wines in most local stores and among the world wide web

Product FAQ’s

Price Range

The price range of all the wines listed within this review scales anywhere in between being $10 a bottle to $30 a bottle. Other organic wines can vary in prices higher or lower.

How We Reviewed

The following products were reviewed based on the following parameters – Features, Pros & Cons, Price, and Where to Buy.

We invested a lot of time researching different varietals and vineyards to provide you with an unbiased “best of” list. Our time spent is dedicated to digging for information so you don’t have to.

What We Reviewed

Top 10 Best Organic Wine Brands

1. Badger Mountain Riesling

2. Domaine Carneros Brut Vintage Cuvée

3. Nativa Terra Reserva Carmenère

4. Madroña Signature Collection Dry Riesling

5. Paul Dolan Vineyards Chardonnay

6. Santa Julia Chardonnay Orgánica

7. Parducci Sustainable Red Wine

8. Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris

9. The Vegan Vine Red Wine

10. BioKult Rosé

1. Badger Mountain RieslingFeaturesBadger Mountain Vineyard was the first certified-organic vineyard in the state of Washington. They have been working towards an all-natural farming process since 1988. The Riesling is known to be tropical to the palate, sure to make you feel like you’re on a mini-vacation. Flavors of pineapple and citrus.


  • angle-double-rightOrganically grown grapes
  • angle-double-rightOne of the finest white wine grapes
  • angle-double-rightTropically uplifting


  • angle-double-rightRecently released

Price ($)Badger Mountain Riesling can be found in stores and online for around $16.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon

2. Domaine Carneros Brut Vintage CuvéeFeaturesThe entire 350 acre Domaine Carneros Vineyard property is organically sustained. Made up of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay combo, 59 to 41 percent ratio, respectively. Aged in the bottle for at least three years before release. They grow the grapes in Northern California, overlooking San Francisco and San Pablo Bay. The flavors are sophisticated and luxurious. It is a sparkling wine that you can trust will taste better in time with the proper storage.


  • angle-double-rightTrusted Organic
  • angle-double-rightLuxurious.
  • angle-double-rightFull of flavor.
  • Aged.


  • angle-double-rightExpensive.
  • angle-double-rightA wine to savor.
  • angle-double-rightNot very available

Price ($)Domaine Carneros Brut Vintage Cuvée can be found in stores and online for around $28.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon.

3. Nativa Terra Reserva CarmenèreFeaturesGrown in the Central Valley of Chile, a depression of land between the Andes and the Chilean Coastal Range. A silky and fruity experience regarded as robust. A great companion to a fine meal.


  • angle-double-rightAged well.
  • angle-double-rightUnique organic wine, coming from Chile.
  • angle-double-rightFlavorful.


  • angle-double-rightCould be sweet.
  • angle-double-rightNot very available.

Price ($)Nativa Terra Reserva Carmenère can be found in stores and online for around $10.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon.

4. Madroña Signature Collection Dry RieslingFeaturesIn California, Madroña Vineyards rests between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. Madroña makes a variety of wines. This Riesling holds aromas of honey and apple with citrus and mineral notes to the palate. The Riesling vines are now over 30 years old and producing pleasurable results.


  • angle-double-rightGrown in clay-rich, beautiful soils.
  • angle-double-rightThe vines are over 30 years old.
  • angle-double-rightHandcrafted.


  • angle-double-rightA little high in alcohol percentage- 13.8 percent.

Price ($)Madroña Signature Collection Dry Riesling can be found in stores and online for around $18

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon.

5. Paul Dolan Vineyards ChardonnayFeaturesGrown in the heart of California’s Mendocino County, near the Russian River, full of bio-diverse land, Paul Dolan Vineyards offers organic Chardonnay. Aged in French and American Oak for 24 months. Certified Organic by C.C.O.F (California Certified Organic Farmers). Vanilla flavors, sweet and fruity.


  • angle-double-rightThey grow grapes in a naturally bio-diverse region.
  • angle-double-rightCertified Organic.
  • angle-double-rightFlavorful.


  • angle-double-rightList ElemA little high in alcohol percentage- 13.8 percent.ent

Price ($)Paul Dolan Vineyards Chardonnay can be found in stores and online for around $20.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon

6. Santa Julia Chardonnay OrgánicaFeaturesProduced by the family-owned Familia Zuccardi and named after the only daughter, Julia of Jose Zuccardi (current director of Familia Zuccardi). Half of their estate’s vineyard is grown organically. Sourced from Mendoza, Argentina, this Chardonnay is a medium-bodied, dry and gives off an air of tropical fruit aroma.


  • angle-double-rightFamily-owned.
  • angle-double-rightUnique organic wine, from Argentina.
  • angle-double-rightGreat price for great quality.


  • angle-double-rightThe vineyard is only half sustainably grown

Price ($)Santa Julia Chardonnay Orgánica can be found in stores and online for around $10.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon.

7. Parducci Sustainable Red WineFeaturesGrown in Mendocino, California, Parducci Vineyards are experts in red wines. Dedicated to sustainability. The spirit of the company and vineyard comes from founder Adolph Parducci who moved from Tuscany, Italy, and he bought the vineyard back in 1944, one year after Prohibition. Originally built and Farmed by Adolph and his sons, Parducci now supplies strong business internationally. This Red, in particular, is robust and fruity, with spicy components.


  • angle-double-rightWell blended Red Wine.
  • angle-double-rightAmerican, rooted in the Italian tradition.
  • angle-double-rightPassionately Crafted.


  • angle-double-rightSpicy flavors.
  • angle-double-rightA high percentage of alcohol- 14 percent.

Price ($)Parducci Sustainable Red Wine can be found in stores and online for around $13.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon

8. Sokol Blosser Pinot GrisFeaturesGrown in the Willamette Valley, Oregon as one of the finest Pinot Gris of the region. Sokol Blosser Vineyards were the first to receive a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification. Said to evolve for up to 10 years in flavor and complexity. This Pinot Gris boasts a flavor profile of apple, fig, citrus and spice with an undercurrent of earthy tones.


  • angle-double-rightRenowned Pinot Gris.
  • angle-double-rightVery dedicated to a sustainable practice.


  • angle-double-rightRecently released.

Price ($)Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris can be found in stores and online for around $18.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon.

9. The Vegan Vine Red WineFeaturesSourced in San Martin from the Clos LaChance Estate Vineyard. Vegan Vine, true to its name entirely avoids the use of animal products in their wine producing process. Rare in its process, it isn’t a certified organic wine, but its clear dedication to the vegan lifestyle implies no animal products or harmful, questionable ingredients. Berry aromas with hints of cedar and vanilla.


  • angle-double-rightVegan wine.
  • angle-double-rightUnique flavor.
  • angle-double-rightAmerican wine.


  • angle-double-rightHigh alcohol percentage- 14 percent.
  • angle-double-rightNot certified organic

Price ($)The Vegan Vine Red Wine can be found in stores and online for around $16.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon.

10. BioKult RoséFeaturesCertified organic by both USDA Organics and Austrian Bio Garantie. Certified Vegan and Non-GMO. BioKult Rose comes from Blauer Zweigelt grapes of Austria. Grown in Niederösterreich, Austria. This dry Rose goes great with light meals at only 12.5 percent alcohol. Flavors include strawberry, kiwi, and melon with a mineral undertone.


  • A Unique organic wine- coming from Austria
  • A unique grape – Blauer Zweigelt.
  • Very dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
  • It has won multiple awards.


  • angle-double-rightA rather fruity wine

Price ($)BioKult Rosé can be found in stores and online for around $15.

Where to Buy?Not available on Amazon.

The Verdict

Organic wine is growing in popularity. Increasingly, vineyards are dedicating their estates to organic, sustainable growth. It’s more than just a beautiful impact to the planet (no more excess pesticide, herbicides, and fungicides running into our natural water supplies), organic wines can bring a beautiful new experience to your own lifestyle.

Each of these products brings something of a unique nature to the table; however, BioKult Rose stands out amongst the rest. Here you have a wine that is certified Organic, Non-GMO and Vegan while maintaining a low alcohol profile of just 12.5 percent. It has won a long list of awards.

The Sokol Blosser, Pinot Gris is also very applaudable. Earning the first certification of LEED. Accolades are not hard to find for this wine. An interesting and rare profile of flavors, the Pinot Gris is even bottled in an esthetically independent, forward-thinking way.

If you are new to wines, perhaps you would enjoy the Santa Julia bottle of Chardonnay. It affordably comes in on average at 10 dollars a bottle. It originates from Argentina boasting the interesting, individual and tasteful attributes of the land. The estate is family-owned and the name of the brand “Santa Julia” is in honor of the only daughter to Jose Zuccardi. Family spirit floods the energy of this wine and puts it in a league of its own, while again, being only 10 dollars a bottle on average!

Organic wines are a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Wellness for yourself and the planet. If you grab yourself a bottle in the near future, you might as well take a deeper look, and find an organic bottle, better more, find one of these organic bottles. It’s only a step in the right direction.