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There’s a lot of recent interest in the uses and benefits of the best organic coconut oil. And your curiosity probably led you here. With countless brands of coconut oil on the market, finding the best one for you can be overwhelming.

People have used oils for centuries for their incredible health uses and benefits. And oil options seem endless – there’s hemp, sunflower, vegetable, and olive, among many more. However, coconut oil is currently all the buzz because of its versatility, nutritional content, and sustainable growing practices.

The interest in the best organic coconut oil is not a new fad. It is here to stay. Organic coconut oil has been the center of attention since many celebrities brought it into the public eye, including music icon Madonna and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr. Not only that, but the biggest brands in the beauty and wellness industry also jumped on the bandwagon.

You might read about the benefits and uses of coconut oil in just about every conversation and Facebook post about improving your health. So what’s with all the interest in the best organic coconut oil?

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What Is Coconut Oil?

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past decade, you have probably heard of coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a product extracted from the meat or the kernel of the coconut. The melting point of coconut oil is 76 degrees Fahrenheit. This property is why it remains solid at room temperature. Coconut oil is thick and creamy when it’s solid. When it liquefies, coconut oil becomes quite cloudy and very easy to pour. Although it does not need to be refrigerated, coconut oil should be kept away from direct sunlight.

Extracting coconut oil uses many different methods. This fact explains why there are many kinds of coconut oil on the market. Here are the main differences between varieties of the best organic coconut oil and other essential considerations you should keep in mind.

Organic vs. non-organic

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When buying coconut oil, it’s important to consider whether it’s organic. When the label says organic, make sure that it is certified by the USDA, as is the Anjou Coconut Oil. This way, you are sure that the coconuts had no contact with pesticides.

Many brands claim to be organic but don’t go through the certification process since it’s expensive. The best organic coconut oil contains more nutrients. So, do your research to maximize the impact of the coconut oil you purchase.

Virgin vs. extra virgin

You may be shocked to know that the difference between virgin and extra virgin coconut oil, when talking specifics, is absolutely nothing. The USDA doesn’t have a recognized grade of extra virgin coconut oil. As a result, the claim of being ‘extra virgin’ is meaningless.

This doesn’t mean that all manufacturers of coconut oils labeled “extra virgin” don’t take steps to produce a high-quality product. However, there’s no legal basis for assessing this claim.

But there are manufacturers of coconut oil that simply charge more for extra virgin varieties of coconut oil. So be careful not to fall into this trap. Do your research and check the nutritional information on the product.

One fantastic virgin coconut oil is the Carrington Farms Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. And if you want to opt for an extra virgin coconut oil, try the NutriBioPlanet.

Refined vs. unrefined

When browsing for coconut oils in the grocery store, you may notice that some labels say unrefined, while some indicate refined. Refined coconut oil involves greater amounts of processing than its unrefined counterpart.

Refining coconut oil removes the flavor and improves the smoke point. This type of oil is perfect for use in cooking. You should also note how coconut oil is refined. Make sure that what you are buying uses heat, gravity, or friction. Avoid coconut oils that have been refined through the use of chemicals, as the nutritional value is often far lower.

Cold pressed

This type of coconut oil is made using coconut flakes dried at a low temperature. It’s also known to have a stronger flavor compared to other types of coconut oil, as well as being more expensive. The Sky Organics Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is a great cold-pressed option.

Glass vs. plastic container

The best organic coconut oil comes in a sealed glass jar. This packaging helps lock in nutrients. Most coconut oils sold in plastic containers have lower quality.

Although you can save money when buying your coconut oil in large plastic cases, it might not be as good for your health. Coconut oil stored in plastic usually has a different taste because the lauric acid present in the oil destroys the plastic, and remnants combine with the oil itself.

Fair Trade Certified

When buying the best organic coconut oil, it’s important to choose one that features fair trade certification. Although certification does not affect the coconut oil quality, it is still an important factor to consider.

The demand for coconut-derived products increases but farmers struggle to make ends meet. It’s essential to choose a brand that helps farmers secure fair wages and receive good working conditions. We should encourage ethical business practices by purchasing from manufacturers that promote environmental sustainability too. Dr. Bronner Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a popular Fair Trade Certified coconut oil.

Benefits of the Best Organic Coconut Oil

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There is no question that coconut oil is one of the most nutritional oils on the market today. A teaspoon of coconut oil contains around 117 calories. It also has 13.6 grams of total fat, which is mostly saturated fat.

The best organic coconut oil does not contain carbohydrates, protein, or cholesterol. However, it contains natural antioxidants and phenolic substances. These substances protect the body from toxins, free radicals, and damage.

Unlike other fats, the best organic coconut oil has saturated medium-chain fatty acids (MCTs), which means that the fatty acids consist of between 6 to 12 atoms of carbons in length. This oil is more nutritious and gives you a greater boost of energy. These fatty acids are sent to the liver to be burned and not stored like other fats.

Coconut oil is also great for preserving insulin sensitivity and stimulating metabolism. It can also increase endurance and performance.

Burns fat

If you want to shed a few pounds, the best organic coconut oil is an excellent food source. This wonder food can blast your unwanted belly fat, which has detrimental effects on your heart.

Coconut oil helps boost your metabolism since it will aid you to burn more calories. When you consume MCTs for fuel, your metabolism increases for the entire day.

Coconut oil also helps curb your hunger pangs since it makes you feel full for longer. Consuming the best organic coconut oil every day increases your good cholesterol levels and improves your feelings of satiety. However, be careful of consuming a large amount of coconut oil. Just use it in moderation.

To experience the weight-loss potential of coconut oil, use an organic and unrefined product. If you do not like the smell or taste of unrefined versions, you can also buy refined coconut oil. A great option to add to your cooking arsenal would be the LouAna Pure Coconut Oil.

Good for the skin

The best organic coconut oil is not only useful as a dietary supplement but is also a fantastic moisturizer for the skin. Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil provides exceptional care for your skin.

Here are various ways you can use coconut oil to improve your skin.

Lip oil

There are many ways to use coconut oil for improving your skin. It can be a lip oil substitute to get rid of discomfort from cracks. Other lip balms on the market contain toxic ingredients. When you use coconut oil as a lip product, you gain many nutritional benefits.


Coconut oil works great in softening the skin and gets rid of dry patches quickly. Place coconut oil on your palms and run them together. Next, apply the coconut oil on body parts in need of a boost of moisture.

When you add sugar or salt, it can also double as an exfoliator to get rid of dead skin and the unwanted grime that blocks your pores. It is also a natural alternative to makeup remover.

Skin disorders

The best organic coconut oil contains some vitamin E, which improves the health of your skin. Coconut oil can be used to treat skin disorders such as eczema, acne, and psoriasis.

Promotes dental health

Using a tablespoon of coconut oil for oil pulling, or swishing oil around the mouth for 15 to 20 minutes, will improve your dental health. This method has been popular for ages and even used as a Native American folk remedy. Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is a fatty acid known for its ability to fight harmful bacteria.

Your mouth contains many bacteria that creates plaque. When you swish coconut oil around in your mouth, it sweeps away the bacteria. Using coconut oil also decreases your chance of developing gingivitis, tooth decay, gum diseases, and halitosis.

If you do not want to try oil pulling, you can make toothpaste using the best organic coconut oil. Or try using the Viva Naturals Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for a healthy toothpaste

Helps the immune system

If you are looking for something to add to your immunity kit, look no further. Coconut oil contains caprylic acid and lauric acid, which fight off yeast overgrowth and help with bacterial infections. The body converts lauric acid to monolaurin, a helpful antiviral agent that gets rid of viruses and pathogens.

The liver uses MCTs in coconut oil not only for fuel but also for cleansing. A teaspoon of coconut oil every day will allow you to reap its immunity-boosting benefits. You can also add it to your coffee, your favorite smoothies, oatmeal, soups, and desserts. The Purelife Tropics Coconut Oil works well for adding coconut oil to your diet.

Hair health

There are numerous hair products on the market that contain coconut oil. However, you can simply use your favorite coconut oil instead of spending large amounts of money on these products. Here are common hair problems potentially solved using coconut oil.

Dry scalp and hair

Most oils only reach the surface of the hair. Coconut oil is great because it can penetrate the hair shaft to make your hair bouncier and softer. It will also make it shinier and smoother. Simply apply Coconut Country Living’s Organic Coconut Oil before washing your hair. You can even use it as a styling product.


When your hair is frizzy, you may not feel confident to go out and face the day. Hair becomes frizzy when the water permeates the hair shaft. This water causes swelling and an uneven look. Coconut oil will stop your hair from absorbing water, especially in hot weather.

Hair growth and chemical damage

The best organic coconut oil can promote hair growth and help prevent hair loss. It can also help improve hair thickness, especially in chemically-damaged hair. Since coconut oil fills the hair, other chemicals cannot enter. Use coconut oil before you swim in a chlorinated pool. Coconut oil also protects against pollution.

Antibacterial properties

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Coconut oil contains monolaurin, also found in breast milk. This ingredient has antibacterial abilities that prevent infections and protect the body from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This property makes it a potential remedy for athlete’s foot, ringworm, diaper rash, and thrush.

Coconut oil can also treat yeast infections (Candida) externally and internally because its moisture retaining ability keeps the skin from peeling or cracking. Its myristic acid, lauric acid, caproic acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid can all eliminate Candida albicans.

Enhance brain function

Your brain needs a healthy supply of dietary fat. The best organic coconut oil feeds your brain through ketones, which are broken down by your liver as a substitute for fuel. Also, coconut oil is a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Coconut oil can also help with other neurological disorders such as traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s, and stroke. Antioxidants contained in coconut oil also promote brain health.

Are You Excited to Use Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is more than an exotic and delicious superfood. It features many benefits, and you’ll find dozens of ways to use it. Now you can see why people around the world are clamoring for coconut oil.

The best organic coconut oil truly deserves a spot in your pantry and skincare cabinet. This way, you can improve your performance and health in so many ways.

So what do you consider the best organic coconut oil? What do you use coconut oil for? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!